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We offer to buy walnuts in Ukraine on optimal terms.

fast-money-credit.com.ua LLC “Yasmina Company” offers to buy walnuts in Ukraine to enterprises that use it as an ingredient in the production of their goods, as well as to companies engaged in wholesale and retail sales.

Our company is an exporter of walnuts and pumpkin seeds in Ukraine, with a total experience of more than 12 years. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve the quality of processing of these healthy products. Therefore, we recycle the main volume of walnuts in shell on our plant. Such approach is more expensive, but gives the opportunity to control the whole processing cycle. The goods that we buy in the already processed form, undergoes careful monitoring in our laboratory on humidity, the presence of harmful microorganisms and only then we sort it by color and fractions. The ideal climatic conditions of Ukraine give an opportunity to grow the best varieties of walnut, and the correct processing of it leads to an ideal product. All technological processes are carried out according to a cyclic sequence, taking into account the requirements of sanitary-epidemiological, environmental services and regulatory bodies, which affects the final result.

Purchasing  walnuts in our company you can be sure that you get only environmentally friendly product at the best prices.

We clearly understand that proposing to buy a walnut in Ukraine to our foreing partners, our company,which has a leading position in the export of walnuts for more then five years, should provide its clients not only with impeccable quality, but also with perfect service. For this, we constantly improve the terms of transportation of the prodacts, its packaging, and othe services which assure the safety of the products quality. Thanks to well-established production and logistics processes, our company is one of the top five leaders in walnut export. There is no irresistible difficulties and obstacles for us to deliver goods anywhere in the world, whether in  whether in Asia or Europe. We do not stop on the achieved results, and open branches in Russia and Austria


We control the process of loading in Ukraine, customs procedures and delivery to the plase of destination, which can be located in any country of the world.

Great attention is paid to presentation. Peeled and calibrated kernels are sold packed in polyethylene bags (with a vacuum or without it) and cartons of 10 kg. But our company, at the request of the client, can provide any other packing optionsapply their drawings of any complexity. This approach give our partners an opportunity to buy a walnuts in Ukraine, in our company in the required packaging, adapted to the market of their country.

We offer wholesale buyers not only standard packing for walnut, but also many other options with the possibility of putting up an image adapted to the market of the country of the buyer.

We are exporters of walnuts, are interested in building long-term partnership. The quality of the finished product, the perfect service delivery and the flexible price policy for us is always the priority factors, because we understand that without them nothin will keep in the lead. Our company is always open to partnership dialogue, meets all the wishes of the client comments. She is motivated solely on the success and wide permanent cooperation, not only in their country, but also far beyond, its borders, in the countries of the  European Union and Asia. Processing and export of walnuts, our company is one of the leading in Ukraine. So you geta provider that guarantees high quality, confirmed by appropriate documentation and is responsible for the timely delivery to the final destination, and the fact that all products are certified adds advantage and warranty.

Buying walnuts in bulk at our company, you will protect yourself from defective products and be calm until your product is on the way, because all the worries about shipping we will take control.

Among our proposals the nuts, cleared of fractions:

  • Halves ½ (butterfly, half)
  • Quarter ¼
  • Mix (a mixture of quartets and butterflies)
  • 1/8 walnut (baby)

Buying walnut kernel our company you will receive a quality product correctly passed all the stages of the production process:

  • calibrate kernel
  • sorting by color
  • required drying
  • packaging of finished products

Any business is successful if the product is of high quality, timely delivery, reasonable  price and attractive packaging. We are going through it every day, because we also purchase raw materials, timely modernization of  production,  purchase packaging, etc.

Buying a walnut in Ukraine have certified exporter of Yasmina Company LLC  for further sale, and to add as ingredients in the production of goods in different sectors like cooking, medical or cosmetic – you’ll  firmly believe in the quality, timely delivery and flexible pricing policy – it our main priorities.

To start possible cooperation just contact our sales managers using the feedback form or call. You will listen and suggest the best option for quality, price and speed of delivery. A lot of the time will not lose, but if you are monitoring conditions to buy a walnut in Ukraine, make sure that the  “Yasmina Company” LLC  it was a school with more than twelve years in the export of walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

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